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Meet The Team
Paul E. Margolis
​Myron Siegel
Dominique MacCurtin​
 Mike believes relationship drives successful therapy. Using diverse experience, intuition, a solid theoretical background, and humor, he helps clients indentify and reach their goals.
 Dominique brings great depth and insight to her work with clients of all ages.  Her strengths lie in the treatment of addictions and in helping people and their families affected by autism.
Paul brings humor and compassion to each session and enjoys joining his client’s on their journey towards health and wholeness.
Sadie Thuet
Joe Wheeler
Kailee Rae Norgaard
Joe brings empathy, humor, and wonder in listening to his client's life story and is honored to be on the journey with them towards health and happiness.​​
Sadie believes in our innate ability and drive toward positive change. 
​Kailee believes in working collaboratively with clients and the​ir families, drawing on their unique strengths, skills, and values, in order to find tools and solutions that work for them.​​​ 
Paul E. Margolis, LMFT, R-DMT
I am a compassionate Solution Focused Therapist, who specializes in helping Children, Adolescents, Individuals, and Families navigate life's transitions. I practice a strength based approach and accentuate the positive, helping you to discern what is working in your life and to capitalize on your unique and existing strengths, while encouraging you to let go of what is not working or even hindering your forward progress. I will join with you to determine obtainable, results oriented goals. Together we will establish individualized plans for you and/or your family, so that a clear path towards achieving your goals becomes conceivable, understandable, and most importantly, obtainable.

I embrace people of differing ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, and religious orientations. I also enjoy working with people with differing sexual orientations and alternative lifestyles. I have experience working in the disability community with people who are differently able and my office is fully accessible. I am upfront about my values and any biases which I may have and always invite dialogue or feedback around sensitive issues where my knowledge and experience may be limited.

I also believe in the connection between body, mind, and spirit and am trained in both holistic and somatic approaches, as well as in many "classical" talk therapy methodologies. In addition to becoming a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist (LMFT34259) I also trained in the Expressive Arts Therapies at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute (UCSF) and am a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT-948). After discussing your preferences, we will find a path that works for you.
And last but not least, I hold a special place in my heart, for people who are living with chronic mental health challenges, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Major Depressive disorder, and any of the Anxiety Disorders. I believe in the Recovery Model and I will join you as an advocate, therapist, and case manager, if you so choose.
Paul E. Margolis, Founder
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #34259




Myron (Mike) Siegel, LCSW
I use an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from humanist, existential, cognitive, and social systems theory traditions to help clients achieve the changes they identify.

Working with children, adolescents, couples, and families, I have dealt with severe trauma, dual diagnoses, learning differences, depression, and anxiety.

Diversity is another aspect of my experience, encompassing racial, ethnic, economic, educational, and sexual orientation differences.

I have found developing goals and a therapy time line with my client's to be most effective, whether the therapy be short term, solution focused, or long term, open ended.

I have a master's degree in social work from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio, where I specialized in working with groups. I have also taught elementary school for eleven years. 

I look forward to discussing your goals with you.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

(707) 583-1762

Dominique MacCurtin, LMFT
I am often described as a warm, compassionate person who truly loves people.

I became a therapist so that I could help people see that happiness and joy are just a few shifts away! I am good at creating a safe supportive atmosphere that is free of judgment. I bring a comforting kindness with great depth and experience.

My particular expertise is in parenting special needs kids, treating autism, and working with addictions.   I tailor my solution-focused approach to meet your unique needs.

My Autism Support Group, for parents, caregivers, and guardians with kids on the autistic spectrum, helps parents support one another under the care of a licensed mental health professional who is also "an autism mom." 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

(707) 343-5152

Sadie Thuet, AMFT
My career is one of creating a joyful life. I have devoted myself to understanding what truly brings us balance and happiness. I believe that the stories that we tell ourselves make up our life experience. When we see this in our lives, we have the freedom to create a life that that we truly desire. I know that we each have a wonderful intuition, and that a trusting relationship with it is essential to growth and change.

My work is both short and long term, depending on your goals. Some of the issues that I have worked with include: depression, difficult life adjustments, eating disorders, anxiety, relationship difficulties, dysfunctional family dynamics, behavioral and parenting issues. I am always pushing myself to be a better therapist, and I am happiest when I am learning and broadening my scope of practice.

I received a Bachelors of Science from Saint Mary’s College of California (2006), and a Masters in Counseling from Humboldt State University (2008). I have worked with children of all ages in group and one-on-one settings in various placements over the past 10 years. At Sonoma County Counseling my world of play therapy is ever expanding, and I couldn’t be more inspired! I love to work in a solution-oriented frame of mind, while utilizing other therapy modalities. While I am always supportive, I will often challenge beliefs so that growth is possible. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults.

If you have decided that this is a good time for therapy, you have already started the process of positive work. Feel free to call, I look forward to working with you!

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #92492


Kailee Rae Norgaard, AMFT
I believe a therapist's authenticity is essential for creating a supportive therapueutic relationship. In sessions I join clients at their current level and help guide them through their process. I create a warm compassionate therapeutic relationship, where my clients feel safe to explore the behaviors and thought patterns that are causing their interpersonal distress. I work collaboratively with my clients families to discover creative behavioral interventions that draw on their unique strengths, skills, and values.

I specialize in helping children, teens, young adults, and their families work through issues, such as anxiety, school behavior problems, trauma, foster care, and life changes. I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings, including schools, clinics, and residential treatment and I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to provide therapy to people from diverse populations. I am sensitive to how a client's unique life experiences shape their belief systems and our work together.

I earned my Master's Degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). I believe that good therapy is client-centered, and strength based. I draw on psychodynamic, attachment, cognitive behavioral, solution focused, and play theapies in my owrk.

Through the practiced use of behavioral interventions, mindfulness and coping skills, my clients can acquire the tools they need to reduce negative behaviors and increase family cohesion and harmony.

Associate Marriage and Family
Therapist  #94525​


(707) 393-7461


Joseph Wheeler, AMFT
I approach therapy as a sacred relationship. It is a time and place that any person can feel seen and heard. I believe that people come to therapy seeking relevant answers to questions about their lives that they feel they currently do not possess. I also believe that it is the role of the therapist to help clients come to the realization that they are the experts of their own lives. This is accomplished through developing a rapport with my clients and helping them to believe in themselves – if they do not already – and showing them that they have an ally and an advocate in this process of self-discovery.

I specialize in working with clients who suffer from anxiety, and anxiety related disorders. I have found that it can be important for clients to develop coping skills so that they can feel better in control of their lives. I enjoy working with pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. I incorporate the knowledge I have acquired, the wisdom I have accumulated throughout my life, and my ability to empathize with my clients into my clinical work. I am also developing proficiency in working with clients who are suffering from grief and trauma.

One thing that makes my practice unique is that I am a very Person-Centered therapist. My clients have commented on how different and wonderful it is to have a person give them their complete focus and undivided attention during weekly therapy. Too often we go through life not feeling seen and heard. I extend unconditional positive regard to my clients and utilize active listening skills, so that my clients do feel seen and heard. I have discovered that most people can recover and get back on track much faster if they know that they have an advocate for their overall wellbeing. I am honored to be a part of this profession and feel blessed to be a part of my client’s lives.    

Associate Marriage and Family
Therapist  #77795​​


All Associate Marriage and Family Therapists are registered by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and supervised by Paul E. Margolis, LMFT #34259
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